About Power to Impeach — The Impeachment PAC

Thanks for visiting the Power to Impeach Online Store.  We are a Political Action Committee organized in 2017 in response to the election of President Donald Trump. Our mission is very simple: Bring the Trump presidency to an early and democratic end.

This store is operated by Power to Impeach, and all purchases are classified by the Federal Election Committee as political donations.  Your purchases and donations are the funding that allows Power to Impeach to continue waging our campaign to end the Trump presidency.

The proceeds from your purchases help fund political advertising and grassroots outreach, all aimed at eroding the political support that is allowing Trump to continue his assaults on the institutions and traditions that make American great. 

So please purchase freely, and spread the word about Power to Impeach. Together we can stand up against President Trump!

Matthew Thornton

Power to Impeach
Federal Election Committee #C00638163